Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Syracuse, New York Stamp Show - Part 1

Hi everyone, Steph here today with "behind the scenes" photos of setting up for a stamp show.

The Stamp Doctor was heading to a Syracuse, New York and asked me to help out.  I can't tell you how excited I was, but I had no idea of the work involved!!!  We set up for this show at the SRC Arena and Events Center at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse the last weekend of May, 2014.  I thought I'd take some photos to give you an idea of all that goes on to get ready for a show. 

The product and display grids are transported in The Stamp Doctor's vehicle and attached trailer.  This trip was a long one as The Stamp Doctor journeyed from Boise, ID to Syracuse, NY.  While they did have one deer mishap along the journey, they did arrive in one piece.  My husband and I drove up from Long Island, a five hour journey, so we were a lot closer than The Stamp Doctor.

The main backdrop for the products consists of white metal grids that have been assembled with hinges to gain additional height.  Approximately 16 grids are physically carried from the trailer and assembled together on site.  And, yes, they are heavy.


Once the grids have been assembled, it's time to get the product in order.   Here's The Stamp Doctor herself, Mechele Rudd, working on the booth.

While product was being hung and rearranged, the white backdrop was placed behind the racks and the sign was placed above the products.

We even enlisted my husband, Gary, to help out.

The Stamp Doctor's Mom was involved this weekend, too, helping set up everything and taking care of customers.  Way to go, Mom.

Sample boards are displayed above the products giving customers tons of ideas and inspiration to use The Stamp Doctor products as well as the numerous other products sold in the booth.  A row of flowers is added below the display boards to add some color to the booth and to fill in some non-product areas.

There are racks of Spellbinders products, Lost Coast Stamps, Earth Art International Stamps, Stamplistic Stamps and so much more.  There is a lot to do and the booth is still a mess. 

Check back later this week for Part 2 of the Syracuse Show to see what happens next.  
Have a wonderful day.


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